Home ยป How to reset brake pad oil service BMW e90 325i 330i 335i xi.

How to reset brake pad oil service BMW e90 325i 330i 335i xi.

How to reset brake pad oil service BMW e90 325i 330i 335i xi.

This video will show you how to reset your oil light, service reset , spark plug reset, radiator coolant reset, front brake pad and rear brake pad reset. BMW e90, e91, e92, 325i 330i 335i xi.

Hey Dan from vehix411.com. 07 BMW 325, we’ve got
the service light on. Put the ignition on, don’t start the car.

Here’s the service light. You also got the fuel light but that can
all be reset with a fill-up. So, this is the button you’ll be using
right here on the instrument cluster. That’s one of the buttons.
The other buttons are the BC button right here
and this is the scroll up and down.

So the first procedure, we got a
in the window over there in the front, what you gotta do is push this BC button
and as soon as you see the mile, I mean the clock and all that stuff, you push
this button and hold it. So when you push and hold it,
it would come up right here right away. This is the service that it failed.
It’s the radiator coolant. Now over here you can scroll up and down
to see what exactly, let’s say you want to reset the brake pads or
you want to reset the service. I’ll show you again, here’s the service.
Let’s scroll down with this one right here and you can see the break
pads front, rear pads, the oil reset, the service. This is the one that’s in the red.
This is the one that it failed. This is the spark plugs. So all this stuff, you can just scroll up
and down right here, up and down, to see what service did fail. The one that failed will show up,
not in the orange, but in the red like right now, this one is. To reset it, you gotta push
this button right here. And you’ll see the RESET over there. Then push it again and hold it.
As you can see it’s going up and down, the clock. Boom, and now it turned into orange color
right here so that has been reset. You can also scroll down or up, see what else
is in the red that failed that needs to be reset. If nothing is failed, you’re all set to go.
All you do is turn the ignition off. Turn the ignition on to double-check.
And that is not in the red and doesn’t say service anymore.