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Honda Civic airbag SRS light reset instructions.

Honda Civic airbag SRS light reset instructions.

This video will show you how to reset , clear or turn off the Honda airbag SRS indicator light on 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004. 7th generation honda civic Honda Civic without a computer.

Disclaimer working with airbags? must be done with caution!
vehix411 or Karman auto will not be held liable
for any injury or accident attorney fees regarding accidental airbag deployment or
personal injury to you or your car. Be cautious use all the proper instructions by the repair manual.

Same instructions on all Honda and Acura vehicles.

Tools needed for the job : paper clip

Parts needed for the job : if light doesn’t reset watch the how to diagnose video and the car will tell you what parts are needed

Honda Airbag Reset instructions:

1 Under the steering wheel remove the fuse cover.

2 Find the 2 pin yellow connector.

3 Disconnect it from the fuse box take it out so you have good access.

4 Get a paper clip and untangle it (as seen in video)

5 Connect the paper clip in the yellow 2 pin connector make sure it has a  good connection.

6 Turn on the ignition (don’t start the car )

7 Take a look at the airbag  SRS light the light will be on for 6 sec and then come off for 4 sec.

8 As soon as the light comes off you disconnect the paper clip within 4 sec

9 As soon as the light comes back on you connect your paper clip within 6 sec.

10 As soon as it comes off you disconnect your paper clip within 4 sec.

11 The airbag SRS light will blink 2 times and stay off if their is no trouble codes.

12 If the light blinks 2 times and comes back on watch our how to diagnose video to get the trouble codes.

13 If the light comes off and back on and no blinks try to reset it again.

14 If it doesn’t reset replace or repair your Airbag or SRS module (it has a crash code)