NISSAN airbag

Nissan sentra airbag light blinking flashing diagnose instructions.



Nissan sentra airbag light on , how to diagnose video instructions will help you diagnose your nissan sentra airbag light.

The nissan sentra airbag light reset or diagnose instructions should work on most Nissan and Infiniti vehicles over the year 2000 and newer.

Nissan Sentra Airbag light flashing diagnose instructions :

1 Turn on ignition ( don’t start the car )

2 As soon as the airbag light turns off  ( about 7 sec )

3 Turn off the ignition and turn it back on ( with in 1 sec )

4 Repeat the step 3  four to five  times.

5 On the 5th time leave the ignition on .

6 The airbag light will turn off and start flashing.

7 The slow flashes are the first number and the fast flashes are the second number.

8 Example if airbag light flashes 1 time slow and 2 times fast that’s code 12 ( as seen in the video )

9 For airbag code definition go to the main page on and find trouble code in category and you can find airbag codes for Nissan or Infinity .

10 Type in the search box Nissan or Infinity airbag codes and you will see the results.

11 That’s how you diagnose the airbag light on Nissan cars and Infinity vehicle without a scanner ( computer )


nissan airbag light