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If you have the code you can look up what it means here http://www.ericthecarguy.com/obd-code-lookup

Sorry about the camera focus on this one, whenever I use my wide angle lens it tends to do this. Aside from that I have a lot of video shot that I don’t intend to post here because of time constraints, these videos will be made available at a later date through the EricTheCarGuy website. I used this video because I didn’t have anything else this week that I could use for the show and I like to do at least one a week if I can. I have lots more scheduled so stay tuned in the coming weeks.

As for Check Engine Lights they come in all shapes and sizes, sometimes they are easy to diagnose and others can be a bit more challenging. I plan to do an entire series on this subject so don’t consider this the last time I will cover this. The point of this video is to familiarize yourself with the basic hook up of a scan tool to read the codes stored in the on board computer nothing more, I got a bit carried away with my O2 sensor explanation and had to cut most of it. Much of what I cut from these will also be available at a later date as a series of “Tips” that may be made available on future shows or on DVD depending on the subject.

I hope this video is informative if you have any questions you can post them as a response to this video or visit me at EricTheCarGuy.com,

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Here are some links to information about retrieving codes from vehicles pre OBD II. You can also search for OBD I or OBD 0 to get more information specific to the vehicle that you may be working on.






I hope these help, have a great day.


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