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Honda airbag trouble code C3913 description.

Hi, Dan here from Vehix411.com Today I will show a
video of an airbag light that is on on a 2015 Honda CRV.

I’m using several computers on this thing. One of ’em is a Snap-On, Snap-On Solus.
So once I’m trying to read the airbag through the 2014-2015 CRV, Snap-On would not
communicate, it’s using a K24 OBD key, and that would not communicate, so I’m using
the 14 Honda Accord and it’s using a K20 key, and that does communicate.

And when it does communicate, gives me a code C3913,
unknown code. Usually C-code, not usually, C-codes are chassis codes.
So I don’t know why we’re getting a C-code on an airbag system, but
we search Google, we couldn’t find a description for this C3913 airbag code.

And when we looked at SWS system, see if there’s anything, maybe that could be, that
needs to be calibrated but it’s not. The car was in an accident, and there’s no codes
in the SWS which is passenger seat occupancy sensor. So we even tried calibrating
that, that didn’t work. So what we figured out, is customer replaced a driver’s seat belt, I’ll show it to you. I’ll shut off the ignition, of course.

And then on the driver’s side over here, they replaced the seat
belt but they did not buy, you can see this little deal that deployed, it’s called a seat belt anchor.
On the bottom near the seat mount, and how I’m gonna test this to make sure that computer and everything else is good, I got a three-ohm resistor. So what I’m doing is, I’ll just plug it in,
temporarily to check my circuit and everything else. So I put my three-ohm resistor in here.
And I start my car. (door open alarm beeping) And then I wait seven seconds.
And the light clears. So there you have it, it’s a driver side seat belt anchor,
on the bottom.

Even if you replace the seat belt, there’s one anchor on the bottom that will
throw you this random code, C3913, and there’s no description anywhere.
And let me clear it, make sure there’s no history codes for this thing, there’s
no codes, no light. And also by the way, I tried reading it with a Honda computer I have, HDS.
That thing does not communicate to an airbag system also.

In 2015, as you can see 2015 CRV.
This program is a dealer program, it auto-detects the VIN number and all that stuff.
Also didn’t communicate, so. It’s pretty hard to diagnose what this code, but we got it figured out,
so if you do have this code, make sure it’s a bad seat belt anchor.