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Honda Accord Airbag srs abs diagnose.



This video will show you how to diagnose ( troubleshoot ) the ABS , AIRBAG ( AIR BAG )  SRS light on your Honda Accord.

To reset the ABS usually just fix the problem area and the light will reset automatically.

To reset the Airbag light after the repair is done  see the how to reset airbag light on Honda accord on our site.

To reset the engine light after the repair is done sometimes can be done by disconnecting the battery make shore you know your radio code .

This procedure will not only work on Honda Accord but should  also work on:

Acura cars

Acura TL

Acura TSX

Acura RSX

Acura MDX

Acura RDX

Acura RL

Honda cars:

Honda Accord

Honda Civic

Honda Pilot

Honda FIT

Honda Element

Honda CRV

Honda Odyssey

Honda Insight

Honda S2000

HONDA ACCORD Diagnose instructions :

1 Find the OBD connector ( on board diagnostic connector ) located on the left side under the dash.

2 Find the number 4 and number 9 pins you can read it on the plug .

3 Pin number 9 is a brown wire and pin 4 is a black wire  make sure you have the right pins and wire colors or you will burn a fuse or short something in the car.

4 Get a paper clip and jump the #4 and #9 pins together .

5 Turn on the ignition and the Airbag , ABS , engine lights will blink .

6 Count the blinks .

 Honda Accord codes ;

Example if the light blinks slow 5 times and fast 1 time its code 51. (as seen in video )

Go to www.vehix411.com on main page you will find trouble codes definitions link or search the code in our search box.

*** HONDA ACCORD OBD plug ***

honda accord plug