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This video will show you how to program your keyless entry remote fob on 1996 Oldsmobile Aurora part number GM /UTA 25678792 FCC ID: KOBUT1BT .

To program this Oldsmobile keyless remote it takes about 1 min of your time.

Oldsmobile keyless remote programming instructions will not only work on Oldsmobile but should also work on most GM cars.

OLDSMOBILE KEYLESS REMOTE programming instructions.

1 Grab a paper clip and untangle it so you can short the OBD pins. ( see video how )

2 Key out of ignition.

3 Get under the drivers side dash and locate the DLC. ( OBD plug )

4 Short out pin #4 and pin #8 togather. ( see image bellow to see what pins )

5 Put the ignition on.

6 Push LOCK and UNLOCK on the Oldsmobile keyless remote and hold for about 30 seconds.

7 When you hear the car lock the doors let go of the lock and unlock buttons on the Oldsmobile keyless remote.

8 Turn the ignition off

9 Remove the paper clip from the OBD port.

10 Test you Oldsmobile keyless remote.




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25678792 FCC ID KOBUT1BT Oldsmobile keyless remote