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Audi A4 service interval reset.


This video will show you how to reset or turn off the Audi A4 service interval on 2002 , 2003 , 2004 , 2005 , 2006 A4.

Audi A4 service reset instructions:

1 Push and hold the wrench button on the instrument panel.

2 While holding the wrench button turn on the ignition ( don’t start the car )

3 As soon as you put the ignition on you release the wrench button and push the 0.0 button.

4 While holding the 0.0 button the car beeps and the SERVICE message disappears from the instrument penal.

5 Start the car and make sure SERVICE light is out.

6 That’s how the Audi A4 service reset is done nice and easy.

Audi A4 SERVICE needs to be done when:

The wrench lights up on dash.

Oil or Inspection is displayed on dash.

The date of service is due or the mileage are up.

Audi A4 SERVICE parts or tools needed for the job:

Tools needed for the job: Hands , oil pan, oil filter tool and drain plug wrench etc.

Parts needed for the job: oil, oil filter etc. ( depending on the mileage in your car all Audi a4service intervals are  different )

Here is the Audi A4 service schedule list ( will tell you what to do according to the mileage in your car )

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