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This video will show you how to diagnose or retrieve the ford airbag trouble codes from the Ford airbag system.

If your Airbag light on or airbag light flashing.

When you retrieve the ford airbag codes than you can know why is your airbag light on.

To reset the airbag light on ford just fix the problem and the light resets automatically usually ( sometimes you need a scanner )

Should work on most:

Ford Explorer

Ford Expedition

Ford Edge

Ford Escort

Ford Focus

Ford Freestyle

Ford Fusion

Ford Flex

Ford Mustang

Ford Taurus

Ford Truck F150 F250 F350

Ford airbag diagnose instructions:

Step 1 put  the ignition  on ( don’t start the car )

Step 2 start counting how many times the airbag light blinks the first digit blinks fast and than stops the second digit blinks slow  see video. Example if the light blinks fast 4 times and stops than blinks 2 times slow the code will be 42 .

Where to get ford airbag trouble codes

Go to Ford Airbag trouble codes on main page or search  in the search box  for code definition.


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