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Mercedes ML GL R S class no start no fuel no ground to relay bad ECU.

Mercedes ML 300, ML350, GL 300 GL350 GL 450, S 430, S550, R class if your Mercedes starts intermittently, you diagnosed and found no ground to fuel pump relay, bad ME 9.7 ECU best solution.

Hi Dan here from Karmanauto.com Today I will show you a
video of a common problem on a Mercedes ML GL and R-Class.
I have two ECU’s, one right here, one right here.

The problem with these ECU’s, and it’s a common problem,
it might help you diagnose an issue, if your fuel pump relay would not get the
ground circuit that’s coming from the engine control module
it would not get it, it’s an intermittent problem. Sometimes the ECU could

Sometimes the ECU could
give out that ground, sometimes not and your car wouldn’t start
sometimes in the morning or, anytime at all, and the problem is in the ECU.
And to program these, if you will go to a dealer, they will tell you to buy a brand new one,
new kay, because they cannot reprogram another used one.
But we can. Or you can also program it if you have a BDM Jtag programmer
like Alientech K-Tag. Wanna make sure the part numbers are same.
This is the ME 9.7 ECU. So both part numbers are the same,
what we’re gonna do, we already read that information
from the original one, this is the original one.

So, all you do is just right here,
you can see back up, reading. So you read Micro, you read EEPROM,
sometimes we actually read the map files so, we’ll click on…
We will clone all of these files, so we’ll read it from the original one,
and then write it to a new one. So I got the new one set up,
I’m using the K-Tag Alientech.6 Set up my adapter over here.
Set it up on the ECU, give it the external power supply that it needs.
And since I read all the original files, I’ll program the Eprom and,
I save that in original Eprom. And then we’ll open it up and, it will write the EEPROM file.
And we’ll go do this with the Micro and External Flash File. So read all three files
from their original one, and program it to your new one.

This process you can do
yourself, like I said, if you have the Alientech or K-Tag. Otherwise,
you can ship it out to www.Karmanauto.com and they can program it.
The common issue on these is fuel pump is not receiving the ground signal from the ECU, no start issue on a Mercedes ML GL and R-Class.

Thank you.