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How to program keyless entry remote Oldsmobile Aurora.

How to program keyless entry remote Oldsmobile Aurora.

Hey Dan from Vehix411, we got a ’96 Oldsmobile Aurora.
I’ll show you how to program the keyless into remote.

As you can see, this is the remote. It doesn’t lock or unlock.
Can’t hear nothing. The remote for this particular year is this kind.
And this is the part number on it. So if you can see it’s 2 5 6 7 8 7 9 2.
And FCC ID is K zero, or K O B U T 1 B T. I’ll show you how to program this remote. What you need is a keyless remote, and a paperclip.
And your car keys.

What you’re gonna do is, crawl under the dash.
Which is right over here, where the gas pedal is. You’ll see this data link connector. That’s what it’s called. What you do is short out pin number four.
And the number eight, in this case. It’s one, two, three, four. And eight.
So that’s how it should be. Four and eight. The number four, is black.
Number eight pin is black and white wire. So make sure you do that,
so you don’t short out one of these or these, you know what I mean?
Because this thing is kind of like a triangle edge looking plug.
So once we do that, before you do that you gotta make sure the keys were out of the ignition. Since mine were not in all the way I just had them set up over here.
So key out of the ignition. Short that out, number four and number eight pin.
Put the key in ignition. Put the ignition on. Don’t start the car. And then push lock and and un-lock for 30 seconds, and hold it. So we push that and hold
it for about 30 seconds. And the car should lock and un-lock the door
that will confirm that it’s been programmed. So we’ll wait for 30 seconds
Now you heard the car lock. Since we did that.

What we’ll do is turn the ignition off. Remove the pin. And then put the key out of the ignition. And see what we did. As you can see the car locks. And un-locks. So that’s how we program
the 1996 Oldsmobile remote.

Oldsmobile remote part numberĀ  GM /UTA 25678792 FCC ID: KOBUT1BT