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How to reset BMW 5 Series service interval oil life brake light.

How to reset BMW 5 Series service interval oil life brake light.

BMW 5 series E60, from 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010
bmw 525, 530, 535, 540, 545.

Hey Dan, from Karman Auto. 2004 BMW 5 series.
We’ve got the service lights that are on.

I’ll start the car and
show you what I mean. You can see the triangle next to the P.
The service light comes on and also,
the brake pad wear sensor light comes on.
You can also see over here on the right side
the monitor would show the brake pads are worn
and stuff like that. Even though when you do
replace your brake pads, sensors, you still need to reset that.
I’ll show you how you do that. On the left side,
there’s the reset button. You’ll be using that check
where that turn signal are. So what we do is ignition off
and then ignition on. Don’t start the car. Push this check button.
(car dings) One, two, three, four, five. When you push it,
when you see that date let go of that. Leave it in the date.
You see the date? So then when you see the date,
show you what I mean. That’s the date. Push this and hold it.
Push it and hold it. Once you push it and hold,
you can see this is the 12,000 for the brake pad sensor.
Kinda have to do this pretty quick, so once you see the
date, push and hold this. 12,000 for the brake pad sensors,
which is over here in the front, it says 9,000 actually.
The oil light needs to be reset. The rear brake pads are okay,
then you’re gonna do, so you can push this
and I’ll show you how it’s done. Push it.
It goes to the different menu. So as you can see, push
it, push it, push it. So, how you reset those,
is when you see this one. Let’s say you want to reset the oil one.
You push it in the oil window and hold it. It says the reset over here.
Let go and push it again. And then it says zero, zero, 15,000 miles,
but now it’s not in the red. It’s in the yellow and the orange kind of thing.
So, once it gets out of that window, you click the check button again.
Make sure it’s in there. Push this again and hold. Once you push and hold it,
it’ll come to this window right here. Push this again and hold it.
I’m gonna show you. It just disappeared from that window, okay.
We push and instead of reset, let go and then push it again.
And then you… As you can see, you’ve gotten
orange and then 30,000.

That’s how you reset the brake pad, oil light on BMW 5 series.