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How to reset Mercedes C230 service reset oil life.

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Hi, Dan here from Karman Auto. We got a 2005 Mercedes C230.
We got a service light on. I’ll show you how to reset it.

Alright, the buttons that you will be using for this
are the ones on the steering wheel and also the one on
the instrument cluster, the reset one that’s right there.
So what you’ll do is look in that window,
put the ignition on. Right over here on the steering column,
you’ll have to use this one on the left, push that.
Push it again until you see the mileage. When you see the mileage of the car,
use the one on the right side, which is right here,
and, move it until you see the Service B. This is the Service B, the
one that exceeded by 36 days. When you see that window,
go over here in the instrument cluster, push this reset button,
push it and hold it. So when you push and hold it,
it should come up over here, it says service interval to
reset press reset button again. Push the same button right
here again and hold it. It says service interval has been reset,

you’re all set to go.