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How to reset service on Mercedes ML or GL year 2007 to 2012.

How to reset service on Mercedes ML or GL year 2007 to 2012

Hi Dan here from vehix411.com.
Today I will show you how to reset the Service B light. Service A, or Service C,
whichever one you have. Each one of those represent a different service,
you can Google what is a Service B, what is a Service C for.
Some of them you have to just change an oil.
Some of them oil, cabin filter, air filter, stuff like that.
Well, to reset that, wanna make sure all doors are closed.
Once all doors are closed, shut off the ignition, key off.
And put the ignition in the accessory step one.
So ignition on, you will have the SRS light on.
And then push this R button three times. One, two, three.
(beeping) You will have the V Code voltage on.
Left side over here, you see the up and down button.
So we’ll push the up button. And we got the part number
of course, of the cluster, then we got the ESP on,
off option. And then you can read out the VIN.
And then we got the service option. Once you have the service option,
you would like to go to the bottom, which is the confirmation.
And just minus or plus. So we’ll just use the minus
to go down, confirmation. Once we reach the confirmation,
you will choose on the left side, this option is to go back,
this option is to proceed forward. I’ll push that.
And then full service, you would wanna reset the full service,
so you would wanna proceed with that.
So push this again. And then service confirmed.
Now what you do once the service is confirmed,
you can push this again to move forward,
you get the service menu again. And then shut ignition off,
key out of the ignition, and then we’ll just put ignition on
and see if the light comes on again. Service B light.
You can start the car. (beeping)
Just to confirm. Otherwise, you have no service light on.
So, pretty simple. Ignition on, actually,
ignition on in the first step, which is the accessory mode. First step, ignition on, when
you see this SRS light on, and then push RRR three times.
And you use these arrows up and down and left
until you see the service, and then plus and minuses
for navigating up and down in the service menu.
And then this is to, these kind of windows go back,
and then proceed forward with the option
you would wanna go into. So, thanks for watching.
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Thank you.