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How to reset Subaru SRS airbag light.

How to reset Subaru SRS airbag light.

This step by step video instructions will show you How to reset Subaru SRS airbag light on 1996 to 2009.

Disclaimer working with airbags? must be done with caution!
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for any injury or accident attorney fees regarding accidental airbag deployment or
personal injury to you or your car. Be cautious use all the proper instructions by the repair manual.

Hi, Dan from vehix411. 02 WRX. We showed you in our other video
how to diagnose an airbag code. As you can see,
we still got that airbag light on.

So, what we do…
Let me zoom out. Over here on the left side,
I’ll show you how to reset the codes in the airbag computer,
’cause sometimes you have one problem, it would give out five different codes
and it could be only one problem. So, if you’re a hard
time to troubleshoot it, you have to clear it from the computer.
‘Cause sometimes you can even have an airbag light off
but it would still have the airbag trouble code
stored in them. Once you have one problem,
it could be like a seat disconnected and the computer would give
out five different codes. What we do, in the other video we showed
you how to diagnose it. As you can see, this is the
pin diagnostic connector.

You’ve got to remove all
this from the fuse box. Over here, this is the
left side, this is pin #1, this is the right side, pin #2.
In between there’s a gap. The bottom ones you do not use.
There’s four pins you do not use. There’s diagnostic wires,
they come with special kind of pins, but these are missing over here
so we kind of have to get ’em in. It’s a black and red, two
of ’em, black and red. We’ll connect pin #1 right here
and have the car in the diagnostic mode. Once it starts blinking the
codes, you count the codes. Write ’em all down. When you write ’em all down,
you go to vehix411.com, click on Trouble Codes and you can see
the definition for each code. Once you do that, you
check all those connectors. Double check, the airbag light
should reset automatically. If it doesn’t and you still
have like five different codes what you do, plug in after
this one is still blinking. Plug this one first, read the codes,
and then reset and plug in the other pin and reset.
It’s gonna reset after all the codes are cleared, it just blinks.
So let’s show you how that does, that does. That works.
Zoom in so you’ll know what I’m talkin’ about.
Okay, get one pin, plug it in here. This is what I’m doin’ right here.
Plug it in here. Okay, once I plugged it in there,
the airbag light starts blinking. So we put the ignition
off, turn it back on, and then count all the codes.
So, let’s here. Okay, one, two, three, four, five, six,
one, two. So, it’s two short ones, six long ones.
That means 62. That’s a left front seat belt.
You check all the codes. If you’ve got other
codes, write ’em all down. When it’s all down, it starts repeating itself.
That means you’re ready to clear it. Once you’ve checked everything.
Everything’s connected and it’s still not off, the airbag.
What you do, once that one’s still connected,
the circuits you checked is pretty good, you get the other pin,
which is located right next to it. You just get that pin…
Let’s see… so you can see… There’s the other pin.
You connect it into a #2 connector pin. I’ll show you what exactly I mean.
Let’s see here… That’ll blink all the codes. Make sure you read ’em all
and write ’em all down. We want to make sure it’s one repeating code
or a couple of ’em in the system. Okay, now that we know
what codes there are. We plug this one in. Ignition off, ignition back
on, double check all the codes. Let’s see. Once all the codes go through,
with the diagnostic one connected, we plug in a number two.
Now you can see a one was connected, one was connected right there,
gave out the trouble code, once all the trouble codes start repeating,
you put in a number two and that will clear the codes in the system.
So let’s see. As you can see, it just blinks constantly. It does not give out a trouble code,
like it would blink once, one long one, two short ones. When it’s constantly
blinking, what you do is turn the ignition off, turn the ignition off,
disconnect these two. Disconnect so you’ll just have a pin.
Then put the ignition back on, look and see if it disconnects at six seconds…
Boom! It’s off.