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How to reset a Toyota Lexus Scion airbag code B1650.

How to reset a Toyota Lexus Scion airbag code B1650.

Car got rear ended no airbags deployed airbag light on? Solution.

Hi Dan here from vehix411.com. I have a 2015 Toyota RAV4.
Got an airbag light on. It was rear-ended, no airbags deployed or anything.
We have a code for Occupancy Classification System Malfunction B1650.

Same code on Toyota Lexus and Scion cars What needs to be done,
is the passenger seat needs to be calibrated. There’s no crash data or anything
like that in the computer, in the airbag computer.
This is the main airbag computer giving me code B1650,
Occupant Classification System Malfunction. And when you clear it,
it doesn’t even clear, it comes back on. So, clear it, read the current code.
Come back on. So I’m using the snap-on to calibrate this.
Pretty simple, you go to Occupancy Classification, which is the passenger seat.
Enter there. Got to use a Key-20. Set that And you’ve got codes,
Current Codes. We got B1787, Occupant classification Sensor
Left Rear collision detect. B1788 Occupancy, or Occupant
classification Sensor Right Rear collision detected. Like we said, it was rear-ended,
so no crash, no nothing. All it has to do, all that has to be done is,
OCC Zero Calibration. Push that. Follow the instructions here.
We do this all the time, so we know. Confirm, max rear, up front, all that.
Just follow these instructions over here. Enter, start Zero Calibration, yes.
Collecting data, test in progress. Five second wait. Zero Calibration Completed.
Push Y and return to the normal mode. We’ll clear the code from
the occupancy sensor. We’ll make sure there’s nothing here.
Nope, no codes in the occupancy sensor. We’ll go back to the airbag, K17 chip,
and swap that. I really love the snap on keys. Not. Okay. Codes, Current Codes.
Alright, clear this. Clear codes, the engine must be off. Continue. And, voila.
No airbag light, nothing. And then we can double check. Codes, Current Codes, No Codes.
So, we’ve reset, we reprogrammed the passenger seat, re-zeroed, clear the codes in the
passenger seat occupancy sensor. And then in airbag system. We can double check our work
by ignition off, ignition on airbag light comes on for about seven/eight seconds. It’s testing all the airbag system. Light is off, so all the airbag system is good, passed the test.

And that’s how you reset the B1650 airbag trouble code on Toyota Lexus and scion.

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