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A How-to app for a DIY and professionals.
Stop wasting time and money searching for:
• Car Trouble code descriptions.
• Possible causes.
• Auto Parts cost and appearance.
• How to troubleshoot and replace the correct parts.
Oil or Service reset. ( Brake pad wear sensor reset, air filter, ETC)

Oil life reset, BMW brake pad, air filter, service reset after replacement.
Oil and Service Reset written and video reset instructions.
(Simple to use scan VIN or input year/make/model click OIL RESET and you have instructions)

Generic Car Trouble Codes and Manufacturer Specific car codes. ( aka OBD2 Trouble Codes and auto codes. )
Each code has a trouble code description, possible causes, images of possible parts with prices and how to videos to help you troubleshoot and repair your trouble code.
( OBD Car trouble code look up very simple to use scan VIN or input year/make/model click CODES type in your vehicle trouble code push search and you get results)
(VAG trouble codes)
PowerTrain Codes

The letter “P” indicates powertrain-related codes such
as those involving the engine or the transmission and their sensors.
Typically, “P” codes are the only ones that will illuminate the Check Engine Light.
(P codes, P0XXX, P2XXX, P34XX ) Engine Codes, Transmission Codes.

Body Codes

The letter “B” indicates a body code,
which means that it relates to a body system such as the airbags.
(B codes, B0XXX) Airbag Codes, AC Codes, Radio Codes, Body Electrical Codes.

Chassis Codes

The letter “C” indicates a chassis code, used for systems such as the anti-lock brakes.
(C codes, C0XXX), ABS Codes, TPMS Codes, Traction Control Codes, Air Suspension Codes

Network Codes

The letter “U” indicates network codes which are used for problems like module failures and losses of communication.
(U codes U0XXX, U2XXX, U3XXX) ALL Modules Communication Codes.

OBD1 and OBDII Trouble codes for all makes and models.

• AUDI, Volkswagen, Porsche
• Acura, Honda
• Alfa Romeo
• BMW, Mini
• Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, Plymouth
• Citro, Peugeot
• Daewoo
• Fiat
• Ford, Lincoln, Mercury
• GM (Buick, Cadillac, Chevrolet, GMC, Hummer, Pontiac, Saturn, Geo, Oldsmobile,)
• Hyundai, Kia
• Infinity, Nissan
• Isuzu
• Jaguar
• Lamborghini
• Land Rover
• Lexus, Toyota, Scion
• Mazda
• Mercedes, Smart car
• Mitsubishi
• Opel, Vauxhall
• Renault
• Saab
• Subaru
• Suzuki
• Volvo

New trouble codes added on weekly basis also can be added by users.

If you have any adapter plug that works via Bluetooth or WiFi like WiFi OBDII fault code reader, ELM327, Car doctor pro, OBDLink, PLX Kiwi, Auto doctor or Cable connection scan tool you will still need this APP. If you have expensive or cheap scan tool it will only give you a trouble code and code description VEHIX411 will give you code description, possible causes, possible parts, parts images, and how to videos per each code on how to diagnose and repair. Up to date no other DTC look up APP out there.

Scan tool option coming soon to VEHIX411 APP. ( you will be able to scan your cars diagnostic trouble codes with ease scan vin push scan and you will have a list of trouble codes any code you will need help with click on it and you will have in depth code description, possible causes, possible parts, images of auto parts, auto part prices from eBay and step by step how to videos.)

If you don’t have a scanner you can have it scanned for FREE at any auto parts store such as AutoZone ( AZ ), Advanced Auto Parts, O’Reilly, and NAPA, CARQUEST, DEQ.

Cant Pass DEQ State Emissions test? Enter the code in the app and it will guide you in the right direction.

Vehix411 goal is scan VIN, scan car for codes, and you have step by step writen and video instructions with prices and avilibility from your local auto parts store.