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VW and AUDI Engine code P0171 P0174 P1136 and P1138 air leak test.

VW and Audi air leak misfire, loss of power.

Dan from Vehix411. Got a 2002 Volkswagen Passat V6.
I got several codes. One of ’em is 171 174.
And sometimes it would give out also a code
P 1138 and 1136. Which is the bank two,
bank one fuel mixture. Mixture adaptation system tooling.
First thing’s first. Before you start replacing any airflow sensors or
checking the fuel pressure or whatever it is you’re gonna check.
You start the car. It’s a common problem, this
is not the first car I had. And you can hear that air leak
right in this area right here. (hissing)
As you can see… It’s leaking, you can touch it.
That’s where it’s leaking. Let me shut it off, I’ll show you.
I’ll shut it off. And I’ll show you what is the problem.
You can see. There’s a hose. And it totally came apart.
The rubber just came apart. Over time, the rubber goes bad.
Especial from the heat. And it would just do that same thing over here.
You can see, the rubber’s kind of going bad also. So replace the hoses.
And reset the light. And that should fix your
P 1138 and P 1126 code on Volkswagens. So that’s the…
One of the problems that I had that you gotta address first
before replacing anything on these cars. Check your rubber hoses, they go bad.